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Why Puretap?

We have no hidden fees. No billing fees. No fuel surcharge. No Contracts.
Because we are as transparent as our water..
Order online, Order through email, call in or setup a schedule.
We just want to provide good service, quality product and make you happy!

We care about the water you drink is not only our slogan but what we instil in our employees.


Morning Mist
Distilled Water

Our morning mist distilled water is most popular in pharmaceutical grade industries. Your dentist, tattoo artist, pharmacist all love our distilled water! Even some of you favourite atheletes.


<2 part per million total dissolved solids

Bacteria free bottling

Tamper evident cap and Lot tracing

Muskoka Summers
Spring Water

Sprung from a naturally from an Artesian well. Our water is sourced from an undisturbed location. We then filter it for sediments. Our spring water is low in sodium and high in quality of taste!


Low Sodium

Award winning taste

Perfect Ph


Reusable Environmental Bottles

We know its important to find solutions to getting our customers bottle water while reduce our imprint on the environment. These 5 gallon jugs are environmentally friendly, reusable, manufactured in Ontario, BPA free.


BPA Free


Easy storage for large volumes of water

We have more than water!

We import Premium Italian Sauce, Pasta, Oil and Tomatoes!

Our grocery store partners asked for more options. We are now offering them to you. Hard to find premium products at wholesale prices. Our San Marzano tomatoes are known for there amazing flavours.
Our pasta is known for its quality of wheat! Give it a try. You will not be disapointed!


Organic Syrups : in Ontario!