Filltered Drip Coffee 500g


For those who need a filter or drip grind for their coffee maker but want no caffeine, we offer our decaffeinated filter drip coffee. It is made from the finest blend of 100% Brazilian decaffeinated Arabica beans.

Fresh roasted, filltered drip grind, premium coffee.\

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100% Pure Arabica Filltered Drip Grind Coffee

Casa d’ Iorio is a special blend of coffee selected from the best arabica coffee beans to produce a distinguished taste with a superb aroma. The beans are specially selected and gently roasted over time to ensure our signature taste.



To prepare the perfect cup of Gourmet coffee, we suggest 10 grams / 1-1/2 tbsp of our coffee in your filter machine for every 230 ml / 1 measuring cuo of fresh, cold water.