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    A water distiller is a device that purifies water by boiling it to create steam and then cooling the steam to collect the purified water. This process effectively removes impurities, contaminants, minerals, and other substances from the water, resulting in clean and pure drinking water. Water distillers are commonly used in homes, laboratories, and industrial settings to ensure the purity of water for various purposes, including drinking and scientific experiments. Dolfyn Water Distillers are built to last with a long life of 45+years! Get purified water anywhere! With 90 day warranty on parts!
  • O-ring used with heating elements.
  • This self-venting tap provides glug-free dispensing! 38mm plug-fit. Fits on : Our Old 4L Jugs All of our 10L Jugs  
  • Dol-fyn water distiller reservoir leg covers.
  • This Dol-fyn Distiller Elbow is designed for use with 1/4" tubing and features a 1/4" fitting. Crafted for durability and optimal performance, it's an essential component for your distillation system.
  • Puretap Granular Activated Coconut Charcoal is ideal for most water purification purposes. Especially made for the us in post filter cups for water distillers. It is a virgin activated carbon, which is granular in form. Made from selected grades of coconut shell. It is ideal for many purification applications including the removal of impurities from distilled water. Its superior level of hardness makes it cleaner than most other carbons and gives it longer life expectancy.   Features :
    • Weighs 11oz - 300gms
    • Directions for usage on the item
  • Discover Puretap Granular Activated Coconut Charcoal, your go-to solution for water purification. Ideal for post-filter cups in water distillers, this virgin activated carbon is granular in form and made from carefully selected grades of coconut shell. It excels in removing impurities from distilled water and boasts exceptional durability.
  •   This descaling solution is a liquid chemical product designed for the removal of limescale deposits from metallic surfaces that come into contact with hot water, such as those found in boilers, distillers, water heaters, and kettles. Limescale can appear in either white or brown hues, often due to the presence of iron compounds. The descaling solution contains a mixture of acids, including acetic acid, citric acid, glycolic acid, formic acid, lactic acid, phosphoric acid, sulfamic acid, and hydrochloric acid. These acids aid in the dissolution and removal of calcium salts, which are soluble and easily washed away during the dissolution or solvation process. Key Features:
    • Weight: 680 grams
    • Always remember to use gloves, safety goggles, and a dust mask when handling this product.
  • Boiling tank Knob with Oring Replacement
  • This Micro-Switch with a short 2.5cm lever offers high force and is designed to control Heater, Fan Motor, Float, and Solenoid functions. It's a 15-amp switch suitable for various brands, including Dol-fyn, A30D, A50D, Aquaflo, Waterwise 7000, Nautilus, Premier, and Water Distillers.


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