1.5 L Distilled Water Case (Morning Mist)


12 bottles per case

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Distilled Water

Distillation is similar to nature’s own way of producing water by way of vaporization and condensation resulting in distilled water. It is a virtually pure form of water that has been heated to boiling, creating steam vapour, leaving behind the vast majority of contaminants. At the same time, it kills viruses, bacteria, giardia and other forms of micro-organisms. When the steam vapour is recondensed, the result is a virtually pure form of water without contaminants. This process is the most effective purification system in ridding water if bacteria, chemicals and inorganic minerals including toxic organic substances. Lab tests show nil amounts of impurities such as calcium, chlorine, sodium and nitrates. Distilled water is so pure and safe that the U.S. Department Of Agriculture endorses a distiller as “the only proven way of correcting drinking water pollution in the home”.

1 Case of Morning Mist Distilled Water.

12 Bottles in one case (12×1.5L) or (12x Gal)

Weight: Aprox. 36 Lbs.


  • Bottle is tubular
  • PET Plastic
  • Cap Features a tamper seal
  • Every bottle is Date Coded, Traceable and marked with an Expiry Date.

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