Price is for 1 13″ Sight Gage

  • BPA-Free Composition: The Spigot and Nut components are crafted from BPA-Free materials, ensuring the absence of any white milky residue, a common occurrence with metal nuts. At COFFILTRO, we prioritize top-notch quality in all our products.
  • Long-lasting and Secure: Our Sight Tube, Spigot, washer, and nut are all constructed from BPA-Free materials. The tube’s outer protection is fashioned from lightweight aluminum, enhancing the product’s overall strength, durability, and safety for drinking purposes.
  • Versatile Compatibility: This water level spigot is compatible with various systems, including the original Travel, Big, Royal, Imperial Water Filter System, Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System, or any water tank equipped with a water outlet measuring 0.7″ in diameter.
  • Transparent Water Level Indicator: The BPA-Free tube provides a clear indication of the water level, eliminating the need to lift the heavy canister to check water levels. Access water as you need it.
  • Easy Installation: Each package includes two washers and a nut for straightforward installation. One washer is for external use, while the other is for the internal component.