Product Description

1 Case of San Felice Flat water

product of Italy

From the tops of Abetone Mountains

Acqua di Toscana San Felice is one of the few real Spring Waters from a natural spring rock. After a very long subterranean journey, it finds an escape route and comes into surface enriched with diuretic properties, a superb harmony of mineral salts conferring it its very pleasant, perfectly-balanced light and pure flavour. Recent studies have enhanced its outstanding draining function and extraordinary benefit to our metabolism making it the perfect water to dine with. The Etruscans enhanced the lightness and purity of this water becoming their source of wellbeing, a natural treatment for the body and spirit bringing happiness and beauty. Acqua di Toscana San Felice is bottled at source preserving unaltered all its element.

product# 101150010

12 Bottles in one case (12x750ml)

Weight: Aprox. 36 Lbs.


  • Bottle is a cylinder style.
  • Glass bottle
  • Cap Features a tamper seal
  • Every bottle is Date Coded, Traceable and marked with an Expiry Date.