Carbon Post Filter (6 filters)


Revitalize your distilled water with our Water Distiller Postfilters. Each BPA-free postfilter cup houses coconut shell granular activated carbon (GAC) to eliminate lingering tastes, odors, and VOCs, leaving you with refreshing, pure water.

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Elevate Your Water Distillation Experience with Water Distiller Postfilters – A Sustainable Solution for Cleaner, Fresher Water.

Key Features:

  • Eco-Friendly Filtration: Our postfilters are designed with a deep commitment to sustainability. They feature coconut shell granular activated carbon (GAC), a renewable resource that excels at efficiently filtering contaminants from water. Unlike other forms of carbon, coconut shell carbon is eco-friendly and highly effective at enhancing water quality.
  • Year’s Supply: This value pack includes 6 replacement filter pillows, each boasting a filter life of 2 months. With this comprehensive set, you’ll enjoy a full year’s supply of pure, delectable water. It’s a convenient and cost-effective solution for consistently refreshing hydration.
  • Simple Installation: We’ve made the installation process hassle-free. Before replacing the filter, simply immerse the new filter in hot water for 10 minutes. Then, place the new filter in the distiller’s filter tray and slide it back in. Repeat this straightforward procedure every 2 months to maintain the high quality of your water.

Our Water Distiller Postfilters offer a sustainable and efficient way to enhance the quality of your distilled water. With their eco-friendly coconut shell carbon, year’s supply value, and easy installation, they’re the perfect complement to your water distillation system. Order now and experience the delight of pure, refreshing water every day.

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