Introducing the Brio CLPOU320BSLUV2P Bottle less Water Dispenser with 3-Stage Filtration – a cutting-edge hydration solution that combines convenience, modern design, and advanced filtration technologies for a superior water experience.

Refreshingly Clean and Delicious Water

This rugged cooler boasts both hot and cold dispensing options, providing you with the perfect sip regardless of your preference. The three stages of filtration – sediment, granular activated carbon, and carbon block – work harmoniously to ensure your water is not only refreshingly clean but also consistently delicious.

Intelligent LED Indicators

Stay informed at a glance with the bright LED indicator lights. Know when the water is heating or cooling, when the self-cleaning UV cycle is in progress, and receive timely notifications when the filters are approaching the end of their life. Experience peace of mind with a hydration system that keeps you effortlessly updated on your water’s status.

No-Contact Dispensing for Hygiene Assurance

Our innovative dispense paddles are designed to minimize contact, significantly reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Enjoy the convenience of no-contact dispensing, ensuring a safe and hygienic experience for you and your family.

Endless Supply, Zero Hassle

Say goodbye to expensive bottle delivery services and endless purchases of single-use bottles. This slim bottleless design easily fits into small kitchens and spaces, connecting directly to your home or office’s cold water line. The result? An endless supply of clean, filtered water without the need for a 5-gallon bottle.

Self-Cleaning UV Technology

Experience the convenience of automatic self-cleaning with the built-in ultraviolet function. Ultraviolet light reduces biofilm buildup and impurities in the dispenser’s water and reservoirs, ensuring your water remains consistently delicious while minimizing the need for maintenance.

Safety First with Child Lock

The 2-step hot water dispensing feature includes a child safety lock, providing added protection for the entire family. Enjoy the benefits of hot water without worrying about accidental dispensing.

What’s Included

The Brio Bottle less Water Dispenser comes complete with a sediment filter, carbon block filter, installation kit, and a user manual for easy setup and use.

Elevate your hydration experience with the Brio CLPOU320BSLUV2P – where sleek, modern style meets on-demand filtered hydration for both homes and offices. Assembled with care, standing at 42″ in height, 12.3″ in length, and 10.8″ in width, it’s your go-to solution for quality, convenience, and style. Upgrade to Brio, where every pour is a sip of excellence.