Iceman I – Base Unit w/ Lid & Wheels

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The Iceman is a reliable workhorse among ice coolers and boasts impressive graphics that showcase a single large image. It is an ideal choice for those looking to make impulse purchases of cold beverages in convenience stores or food service channels.

Some of its notable features and benefits include an integrated handle in the lid that makes it easier to open, a lid hinge that can be propped open if necessary, a deep reservoir that can hold a significant amount of products, and complete insulation that prolongs the life of the ice. It also comes with a guaranteed leak-proof drain system that can quickly remove excess water, as well as weather durability that ensures it can withstand harsh weather conditions. Finally, the Iceman comes with wheels for added mobility and requires no assembly.

Dimensions: 23 inches in Diameter by 33.5 inches High
Total Capacity: (144) 12oz cans. (76) 20 oz Bottles or (40) 1 liter bottles

2 in stock

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