Tim Hortons original blend Single-serve K-Cup Pods, 80-pack


Indulge in the original blend of Tim Hortons coffee with these 80 single-serve K-Cup pods. Designed to be compatible with all Keurig brewers, this medium-light roast coffee promises a delicious cup every time.



Experience the Authentic Taste of Tim Hortons Original Blend Coffee with 80 Single-Serve K-Cup Pods.

Key Features:

  • The Original Blend: Tim Hortons is renowned for its original blend coffee, and now you can enjoy it in the convenience of K-Cup pods. Savor the rich and authentic taste that coffee lovers have cherished for generations.
  • Universal Compatibility: These K-Cup pods are designed to be compatible with all Keurig brewers, ensuring that you can enjoy a cup of Tim Hortons coffee effortlessly, no matter which Keurig machine you own.
  • Ample Quantity: Each order includes 80 single-serve K-Cup pods, providing you with an abundant supply of your favorite coffee. It’s perfect for stocking up your home or office coffee station.
  • Caffeine Kick: Start your day with a burst of caffeine, as these pods contain caffeinated ground coffee. It’s the ideal pick-me-up for those who appreciate a morning energy boost.
  • Medium Light Roast: Tim Hortons’ original blend is a medium-light roast, striking the perfect balance between flavor and brightness. It’s a versatile roast profile that suits a wide range of palates.

Revel in the classic taste of Tim Hortons Original Blend Coffee with the convenience of 80 Single-Serve K-Cup Pods. Whether you’re starting your day or taking a coffee break, these pods guarantee the perfect cup every time. Order now and enjoy the timeless appeal of Tim Hortons coffee in your own home or office.

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