Empty Tote
(1000 L / 264 gal.)

Please add water to your cart if you require spring or distilled water inside the tote.


1000 litre – Length: 120 cm / 48” | Width: 100 cm / 40” | Height: 116 cm / 46”

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  • UN, Transport Canada certified on  new or refurbished oneway tote tanks
  • Perfectly suited for high bay warehousing
  • Can be stacked up to 4 high
  • Reinforced warp resistant tubular steel   grid jacket
  • High molecular weight, high density polyethylene
  • (HDPE) extrusion blow molded container shaped to ensure complete discharge of contents.
  • Solid cap and 6” opening on top.
  • Protectively placed 2” ball valve or 2” butterfly valve (DN50) with camlock or threaded fittings