• Introducing our Stainless Steel Water Heating Element, meticulously crafted to enhance the performance of your boiling tank. Whether you're brewing, heating, or distilling, this versatile 120V, 1200W heating element is designed to meet your demands with efficiency and longevity. Key Features:
    1. Premium Stainless Steel: Constructed from food-grade stainless steel, this heating element ensures optimal heat transfer, resistance to corrosion, and a clean water heating process.
    2. Efficient Heating: With 1200 watts of power at 120 volts, this element rapidly heats your boiling tank, saving you time and energy.
    3. Compact Size: Measuring just 7.5 inches in length and 1.5 inches in diameter, it's easy to install in your boiling tank without taking up excessive space.
    4. Versatile Use: This heating element is suitable for various applications, including brewing, heating water, and distillation, making it a valuable addition to your equipment.
    5. Reliable Performance: Built for durability, this stainless steel element resists wear and tear, ensuring a long service life and consistent performance.
    6. Safe and Easy Installation: Installing this heating element is straightforward, and it comes with all the necessary hardware for a hassle-free setup.
    Total Size and Weight:
    • Length (L): 7.5 inches
    • Diameter (D): 1.5 inches
    Upgrade your boiling tank with our Stainless Steel Water Heating Element to enjoy faster heating, improved efficiency, and the assurance of a durable, corrosion-resistant component. Whether you're a professional brewer or a hobbyist, this heating element is designed to elevate your heating and distillation processes to the next level.   Does not come with O-RING please Order o-ring here   
  • O-ring used with heating elements.
  •   This descaling solution is a liquid chemical product designed for the removal of limescale deposits from metallic surfaces that come into contact with hot water, such as those found in boilers, distillers, water heaters, and kettles. Limescale can appear in either white or brown hues, often due to the presence of iron compounds. The descaling solution contains a mixture of acids, including acetic acid, citric acid, glycolic acid, formic acid, lactic acid, phosphoric acid, sulfamic acid, and hydrochloric acid. These acids aid in the dissolution and removal of calcium salts, which are soluble and easily washed away during the dissolution or solvation process. Key Features:
    • Weight: 680 grams
    • Always remember to use gloves, safety goggles, and a dust mask when handling this product.
  • Boiling tank Knob with Oring Replacement
  • Discover Clean and Refreshing Water with the Omnipure K2333-JJ Carbon GAC Water Filter! Key Features:
    • Effective Filtration: The Omnipure K2333-JJ Carbon GAC water filter is designed with granular activated carbon to effectively reduce chlorine, taste, and odor from your water supply. Enjoy a crisp and refreshing taste with every sip.
    • Versatile Application: This filter is part of the K-Series and is suitable for various water-related applications where high-quality water is essential. It can be used in reverse osmosis systems, ice machines, beverage equipment, and drinking fountains.
    • Multi-Layer Filtration Media:
      • Polypropylene Depth Filtration: Removes sediment and grit, ensuring your water is free from particles.
      • Polyphosphate: Controls lime and scale deposits, extending the life of your equipment.
      • Granular Activated Carbon: Provides excellent taste and odor reduction, enhancing the overall quality of your water.
    • Robust Specifications:
      • Maximum Pressure: With a maximum pressure rating of 125 psi, this filter can handle various water pressure conditions.
      • Maximum Temperature: It can withstand temperatures up to 100°F, ensuring reliable performance in different environments.
      • Long Service Life: The Omnipure K2333-JJ has a service life of 6 months or 800 gallons, offering long-lasting filtration.
    • Certified Performance: Tested for performance under NSF Standard 42, this filter meets industry standards for water quality.
    • Easy Installation: The filter comes with 1/4" tubing quick connect fittings at both ends, making installation hassle-free.
    Upgrade your water filtration system with the Omnipure K2333-JJ Carbon GAC water filter and enjoy clean, great-tasting water in various applications. Order now to experience the difference!
  • Puretap Granular Activated Coconut Charcoal is ideal for most water purification purposes. Especially made for the us in post filter cups for water distillers. It is a virgin activated carbon, which is granular in form. Made from selected grades of coconut shell. It is ideal for many purification applications including the removal of impurities from distilled water. Its superior level of hardness makes it cleaner than most other carbons and gives it longer life expectancy.   Features :
    • Weighs 11oz - 300gms
    • Directions for usage on the item
  • Reliable Thermal Overload Switch Also referred to as a thermostat or reset switch, the Dol-fyn Distiller Thermal Overload Switch is a critical safety component designed to protect your distillation system. Ensure the safety and efficient operation of your equipment with this quality switch.
  • Upgrade your Dolfyn distiller with this high-quality Fan Motor. With a 3.3" diameter and UL Listed & CSA Approved certification, it's a reliable choice for various applications, including kitchen/bathroom fans, humidifiers, unit heaters, and fireplace blowers.
  • This Micro-Switch with a short 2.5cm lever offers high force and is designed to control Heater, Fan Motor, Float, and Solenoid functions. It's a 15-amp switch suitable for various brands, including Dol-fyn, A30D, A50D, Aquaflo, Waterwise 7000, Nautilus, Premier, and Water Distillers.
  • This Dol-fyn Distiller Elbow is designed for use with 1/4" tubing and features a 1/4" fitting. Crafted for durability and optimal performance, it's an essential component for your distillation system.


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