Water Saver: Fan Spray


Introducing the Water Saver-Fan Spray – the world’s most durable and easy-to-use nozzle. This exceptional nozzle boasts a machined brass head and molded nit rile rubber, making it virtually indestructible. Whether you step on it or accidentally drive over it, the Water Saver-Fan Spray will keep on working flawlessly. Its flexible rubber hose extension provides instant flow control, allowing you to switch from a gentle drizzle to a powerful full flow in an instant. With the Water Saver-Fan Spray, you can say goodbye to constantly turning off your water supply due to leaks, saving you both time and money. Don’t settle for anything less – choose the Water Saver-Fan Spray for unmatched durability and performance.


Are you tired of constantly replacing water nozzles that just can’t withstand the test of time? Say goodbye to those frustrating experiences and upgrade to the Water Saver-Fan Spray – a revolutionary solution that sets new standards in durability, ease of use, and water conservation.

Unmatched Durability: At the heart of the Water Saver-Fan Spray is its machined brass head and molded nit rile rubber construction. This unique combination results in a nozzle that’s virtually indestructible. You can confidently step on it or even accidentally drive over it, and it will continue to function flawlessly. No more worries about damaging your nozzle during everyday use.

Instant Flow Control: Adjusting the water flow to your specific needs has never been easier. The Water Saver-Fan Spray features a flexible rubber hose extension that provides instant flow control. With a simple flex, you can switch from a gentle drizzle for delicate plants to a powerful full flow for cleaning tasks, all without the need for any complicated adjustments.

Leak-Proof Design: One of the standout features of the Water Saver-Fan Spray is its leak-proof design. You no longer need to constantly turn off your water supply due to annoying leaks. This nozzle ensures that your water remains where it’s supposed to be – in your garden or aimed precisely where you need it. This not only saves you valuable time but also reduces water wastage, which is an essential step in conserving this precious resource.

Interchangeable Hose Ends: The Water Saver-Fan Spray is not only durable and user-friendly, but it’s also highly versatile. Its hose ends are interchangeable with other model water savers, allowing you to customize your watering experience to suit your specific needs.

Multiple Thread Options: Whether you have a USA garden hose or a European BSP garden hose thread, the Water Saver-Fan Spray has you covered. Choose from two convenient options:

  • 05MP – USA Garden Hose: Designed to seamlessly connect with standard garden hose connections in the USA.
  • 05ME – European BSP Garden Hose Thread: Ideal for European garden hose setups with BSP thread compatibility.

Additional Specifications:

  • Overall length: 8 7/8″
  • All brass fittings with rubber bumpers to prevent scratching if dropped on equipment.
  • Equipped with a 3/4″ garden hose thread hose connection (standard garden hose connection – USA and European BSP).
  • 05LP and 05MP – designed to withstand water temperatures up to 150°F on continuous use or 212°F on occasional operation with proper personal protective equipment.
  • For use on normal city or well water pressure. Not for use on boosted water pressure.
  • 05RP and 05SP – suitable for use on cold water only.
  • Max operating pressure for 05RP and 05SP is 72 PSI (7 BAR).

Upgrade to the Water Saver-Fan Spray today and experience the ultimate in durability, ease of use, and water savings. Don’t settle for anything less – choose a nozzle that’s built to last, and order yours now. Your garden, your wallet, and the environment will thank you for it. Whether you’re in the USA or Europe, we’ve got the perfect solution for your gardening needs.


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